Eurocaja Rural supports the presentation of the new “Altovela Wines”

Eurocaja Rural has supported the presentation of the new image of the “Altovela Wines”, produced by the Cooperativa Nuestra Señora de la Muela y la Paz of Corral de Almaguer (Toledo), integrated into the financial entity. The president of Eurocaja Rural, Javier López Martín, intervened in this initiative together with the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development of the Community Board of Castilla-La Mancha, Francisco Martínez Arroyo, and the president of the Corraleña cooperative, Pablo Javier Iglesias Arévalo.

López Martín congratulated Bodegas Altovela for its extensive and fruitful trajectory (more than fifty years of life, since it was founded in 1965), and for investing in innovation, “having that constant spirit of evolution, in this case in the image and the imprint of your wines, and for combining in your conduct two concepts so essential to achieve success such as tradition and avant-garde. We have common objectives and values, represented in our cooperative model. That ruralism that we call in our Entity and that implies the commitment by the primary sector, financial support for their investment needs to gain competitiveness and productivity, a commitment to excellence and quality to satisfy partners and customers, and support for the commercialization and internationalization of their products. Count on our support in this process of improvement, as well as with our vocation of service and availability in all the initiatives you undertake”.

For his part, the Counselor of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development stated that the initiatives that start between wineries and restaurants make a good pairing and highlighted the virtues of these wines, “made with great care and care. These are wines excellent because the cooperative has been doing a great job for a long time, betting on the quality product, on the bottled product that generates the highest profitability (a bottled wine with a Appellation of Origin represents 5 times more income for winemakers). and that of the entire sector, which is increasingly competitive, more profitable. We are moving on the right path, opening new markets. The agri-food sector already represents 35% of the value of our exports. It is also very important to consolidate nearby markets like Madrid, where precisely next week this cooperative and all the D.O. La Mancha wineries will present their young wines in this city nes, conquering a local market, that of Madrid. This commitment must be recognized because we will generate more profitability in a sector that is very representative of our region. Therefore, a very important day for Corral de Almaguer, for the D.O. La Mancha and for Castilla-La Mancha”.

Finally, the president of the Cooperativa Nuestra Señora de la Muela y la Paz thanked the institutional support and collaboration of Eurocaja Rural, before giving way to the projection of a promotional video on the new wines.

Massive support for the initiative

The event, hosted by Laura Iglesias, a member of the Cooperativa Nuestra Señora de la Muela y de la Paz, was held at the Hotel Beatriz de Toledo and was also attended by the technical director oenologist of Bodegas Altovela, Juan Antonio Calleja, and the Professor of Tasting at the Faculty of Agricultural Engineers of the Autonomous University of Madrid and technical director of Enology at the IOC Group, José María Bravo Plasencia, who presented the characteristics of the new image of the wines, as well as with the participation of the President of the Provincial Association of Hospitality and Tourism of Toledo, Tomás Palencia García.

This initiative was attended by the provincial delegate for Agriculture in Toledo, Jesús Fernández Clemente, as well as different heads of Eurocaja Rural (the director of the Institutional Relations Division, Miguel Ángel Escalante Pinel; the head of the Institutional and Agrarian Area, Alberto Fernando Azaña Rodríguez; the territorial director of La Mancha, Ángel Martín Ventas García, his deputy, David Magro Ruiz, and the director of the Corral de Almaguer Office, María Gemma Rodríguez de Diego Aguado; from UTECO-Toledo (its managing director, José María Manzanilla); from Oleotoledo (its manager, Gregorio Gómez López); of Fedeto (his secretary general, Manuel Madruga Sanz); the Governing Board of the Cooperativa Nuestra Señora de la Muela y la Paz; the mayor of Corral de Almaguer, Dolores González Arévalo, accompanied by the deputy mayor, María Angeles Duro Ramírez and various councilors of the Consistory, and representatives of the Spanish Association of Hotel Directors in CLM (its president, Víctor Iglesias); from the CLM Academy of Gastronomic Culture (its president, Antonio González Jerez); the Association of Sommeliers of CLM and Friends of Wine (Jesús Benito, member of the Board of Directors); the director of the Venta de Aires Restaurant, Cuca Díaz de la Cuerda; and representatives of Beatriz Hoteles (Juan José Calvo) and Catering Toledo (Vidal Cencerrado).

Bodegas Altovela is under the Appellation of Origin La Mancha and is located in the municipality whose vine growing area is the largest in Spain: Corral de Almaguer. It has more than 700 partners and extensive and modern facilities (stainless steel tanks, controlled fermentation systems, pneumatic presses) that allow a bottling line of 5,000 units per hour in all formats that the market may demand, and a capacity of 45 million liters per year.

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