Altovela Airén

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Wine obtained from a careful selection of grapes of the Airen variety. Pale wine , bright yellow with green flashes . Fruity scents that enhance the taste of wine in the mouth.




It presents a pale yellow color with green hues. frank, fruity and generous primary aromas aromas. In the mouth , frank , light and with ample aftertaste .

Serve at 5-7 ° C. Ideal to accompany white fish and seafood, combining perfectly with cheeses fresh and semi-cured.

It is the most characteristic white grape of the southern plateau and one of the most abundant of Spain 32 % , other regions can be found with the names of Lair , Manchego , valdepeñera and Forcayat. It is being located mainly in Castilla -La Mancha.En a very productive variety of widely accepted to extremely dry and hot climates. It requires pruning cut and produces a large , loose and yellow cluster, whose grapes have medium thick skin , soft pulp and juice incoloro. The Airen variety produces wines of good flavor and moderate acidity , with great qualities for development of young and traditional wines.

Elaboration; Decanting for perfect cleaning of the must. Inoculation of selected yeasts. Fermentation at 15º C in tanks with automated and computerized temperature control.

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