Altovela Campo Amable

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Box of 6 bottles.

In view is blond with reflections of bright and attractive cherry color. Intense and fine aroma reminiscent wood where his upbringing took place. Notes vanilla, very well assembled. In the mouth, warm, tasty and harmonious, with contributions vanilla.

Serve at 18 ° C. Ideal to accompany red meat and pork, paella with meat and creamy cheeses.




The variety of Tempranillo is the main red grapes in the Designation of Origin La Mancha, being the most prestigious for its quality in the field nacional.Es the variety most commonly used in the Mancha, to produce red wines aged in their versions of single varietal or blend with others. Its production is moderate, although a high calidad.En other regions is known as UII de Liebre (Scammon), Red bull, fine Tinto Tinto the country, and Verdiell.Variedad Jacibera early maturing, which It produces a cluster of medium size, compact and regular, whose grapes have medium-thick skin and soft pulp, and its colorless juice.

Elaboration; The fermentation of red wines takes place in stainless steel tanks with jackets for cooling control and perfect maceration. Fi nished Once fermentation, it proceeds to descube passing wine deposits for malolactic fermentation, after which cleaning is performed wine by centrifugation. Stabilization is performed in isothermal temperature deposits to -6 ° C. Temperature control variables and other fermentation is performed by computer.

Time in barrel: 1 year
Time in bottle: 1 year

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